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Our history

We are a 100% Costa Rican company, consolidated with tradition and evolution of three generations.

With the experience of three generations based on the hard work of the first generation of the Villalobos Cruz family with roots in the canton of Vásquez de Coronado and formed by the father and six brothers of Mr. Ricardo Villalobos Cruz who from a very young age together with his family They were dedicated to construction for more than thirty years, during which they carried out different jobs throughout the country, for well-known families that required three services within which we can mention former presidents of the republic and embassies among many others.

Subsequently, each one of his brothers dedicated himself to their own business and Don Ricardo acquired more knowledge and skills as a contractor and foreman, and thanks to his honest and high-quality work, he became known in the construction market and This earned him to be called to carry out works of an institutional nature such as bank branches and high-end companies inside and outside the country.

In 1997, Ricardo Villalobos Cruz founded the company Construcciones Jianjeri SA, which in its acronym bears the initials of his children's names. Today, this company has twenty years of experience and after overcoming various obstacles such as a fire caused by a nearby location that It caused the total loss of its first facilities and equipment, the result of the efforts of many years.

In a short time the company manages to rise from the ashes and incorporates its third generation represented by a professional in the field such as his son Jimmy Ricardo Villalobos Mora, graduated as a civil, electromechanical and industrial engineer who together with Don Ricardo take the reins of the business by turning 180 degrees by expanding its scope of action and incorporating a wide variety of constantly updated services and processes to offer solid support behind each project, which allows them to be awarded as the best supplier company by a renowned transnational company .

These great men understand the philosophy to follow and consider that the good prestige of serious people must be earned through hard work, concluding and delivering works responsibly to their clients and generating decent employment with security conditions for their collaborators who are an important part of this big family called jianjeri sa constructions

Our team

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